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In 2014, Abbie Bowen, a telecommunications line installer suffered a severe head injury while working. Bowen, who was 28 years old was left in a coma for two weeks and didn’t receive the treatment she needed due to lack of payment.

Her family and friends collected enough money for her to get the surgery and medication she needed. After her recovery that took almost a year, Bowen vowed that she will do everything she can so that no one has to suffer as she did. Hence, she founded the Head Injury Society of New Zealand.

She used money out of her pocket to start the organisation and to build its foundation.She was able to get financial support from private and public individuals who were willing to help.

The Mission

There are no exact statistics on how many people in New Zealand suffer head injuries or die from it yearly. However, through the foundation, Bowen was able to gather viable information to reveal the severity of these injuries and accidents.

In her hometown, she found out that 4 fellow line repair workers suffered related accidents and didn’t get the treatment they needed because of financial issues.

The organisation helps people suffering from head injuries to get the financial assistance they need. It is not just about helping people out, but it is about improving the healthcare system of the country that it can be accessibleto everyone.

National Recognition

The organisation got the attention of the national government as well as private companies. Support started pouring in and to date, we were able to help out more than 5,000 people and their families.

We continue to receive support from others as well. We are now able to address other forms of injuries as well as illnesses. But we mostly focus on cases that involve head injuries that results in permanent injuries.

We must take action right now as thousands of people not only in the country are suffering. It is our responsibility to provide a helping hand and a humble heart to those who need it the most.