Important Brain Injury Services

One reason why Abbie Bowen, founder of the organisation, established it is to help brain injury survivors get the services and treatment they need. Back then, these services were not affordable for most and there were very few facilities providing them.

But everything has turned out for the better as there are dozens of rehabilitation centres and facilities all over the country today. Most of them offer support and rehabilitation services at affordable rates.

Here is a list of important services if you need to recover from brain injury as well as manage a healthy life.

Spasticity Management and Treatment

Important Brain Injury Services patient bed - Important Brain Injury Services

Spasticity management and treatment is also known as spasticity clinic is the evaluation of an individual’s overall health assessment. This service is mostly carried out by a physical therapist, rehabilitation nurse and a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician.

This medical assessment not only checks the brain but the spinal cord and muscle tone as well. This is necessary to see the extent of the injury and its underlying effects on other parts of the body.

You and your family must be well aware of your condition. We’ve written about brain injury survivor Sara Lewis. In her case, she got in an accident in 1977, she left the hospital five weeks later knowing she is all better.

In 2004, after suffering a breakdown, she found that she has been living with a brain injury for nearly 3 decades. She wrote a book about it. You should give it a read.

Acute Rehabilitation

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Acute rehabilitation is the combination of physical, speech and occupational therapies. A brain injury may have various effects on the body. Physical therapy is not enough for a brain injury patient to recover greatly. This service is also a sure way to avoid a state of diminished consciousness.

As much as possible a brain injury patient must remain active in every possible way. This service will prevent health complications, manage pain, seizures and incontinence. Through these health methods, a patient is also able to maximise his or her cognitive functionality.

There are important reminders when providing these services. First off, make sure that the patient is well positioned in a wheelchair or a bed. There shouldn’t be room for mistakes or miscalculations as that may result in further damage to muscle tone and joint flexibility.

Counselling and Behavioural Services

Important Brain Injury Services doctor check up - Important Brain Injury Services

This one is quite important and will help patients get back on their feet. Counselling or behavioural services addresses behavioural and emotional issues. This service is divided into the following: behavioural analysis, psychology, neuropsychology and more.

Emotional recovery is important for a brain injury patient. TBI or traumatic brain injury is something that greatly deteriorates not only the physical state but your mental and emotional state as well. Most patients suffer from depression and anxiety due to various reasons related to their injury.

These are only three of essential brain injury services. To learn more subscribe to our blog or follow top medical organisations.